Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Key Switcher is monitoring the keystrokes and detects the language of each word that you type. If the keyboard is set to a different language, it automatically switches it to the correct language and fixes the typed word.

How does it detect the language?
Key Switcher is not using language dictionaries because it would increase the size of the application dramatically and would require for the whole word to be entered. Instead it is using sophisticated algorithms based on the language statistics that allow to detect a word from any supported language based on no more than 5 letters. The switch usually happens after 2-5 letters entered. Worst case - by the end of the word. It can also detect if you are editing a word versus typing a new word. In other words it can detect language whether you type a word from the beginning or just change some part of the word.

Can it make a mistake?
Key Switcher minimizes false switching by being aware of what you type and where you type it. It detects the difference between applications and applies different logic depending on the typed content. Typing in a text editor will be processed differently than writing programs or creating spreadsheets. Additionally you can manually select different switching methods for any running application.

What are the different switching methods?
You can change the switching method for any running application by clicking on the Key Switcher tray icon and choosing one of the following menu items:

  • Full - normal switching logic applies, best for regular text entry
  • Safe - additional caution is applied for non-textual input or writing code
  • Manual - no automatic switching, but manual correction is possible by pressing Break
  • Disable - switcher is not interfering with this application in any way. Use for extreme cases when keyboard hooking affects the application usability (e.g. games)

How can I force the switch or undo the mistake?
If Key Switcher makes a mistake, you can undo the change by simply pressing Break. By pressing the Break key you can also force the switch of the last entered word or any selected piece of text. Pressing Shift+CAPS will cycle through different variations of character case for the last word or selected text. Shortcut key assignment can be changed.

Will it learn on mistakes?
Key Switcher learns when you undo the same change multiple times and creates an exception rule. You can also add exceptions to any language manually by clicking on the Key Switcher tray icon and choosing "Add rule/exception" menu. With your permission the exception lists can be shared between users. This way your Key Switcher can learn on someone else's mistakes.